Gives me great balance with my nervous system, enhanced energy and better focus. Definitely gives me more strength and endurance throughout the day. Very happy so far!
-Matt G


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ClinicRed PROMAX Series lights are our most advanced series of lights, developed for users that want to take their LED light therapy sessions to the next level.

All ClinicRed PROMAX devices are FDA-Listed Class-II medical devices.


ClinicRed PROMAX Series lights are our most advanced series of lights, developed for users that want to take their LED light therapy sessions to the next level.

 All ClinicRed PROMAX devices are FDA-Listed Class-II medical devices.

Combining five powerful wavelengths of light, the PROMAX series features Red and Near Infrared spectral output utilizing a perfected blend of deep red light consisting of both 630nm and 660nm wavelengths alongside an optimized near-infrared blend of 810nm, 830nm and 850nm wavelengths. Additionally, the PROMAX series includes fully digital controls with built in timer, allowing the ability to connect multiple panels together to create custom sizes, unique to your treatment needs. The biggest difference between each PROMAX device is the amount of lights and power of each panel. As you increase the number of your lights, you increase coverage, performance and results.

The PROMAX R+|NIR+ multi wave spectrum will cover every single one of your individual desired applications due to the multiple wavelengths of light used. All models of PROMAX series can be used to treat all desired applications. The difference between the models is strictly size, output strength and coverage area. The model of device or setup you choose is entirely up to you, your budget and your desired performance level.

Core Features

• Multiwave Spectral Output: 40% 850 nm, 5% 810 nm, 5% 830 nm, 40% 660nm and 10% 630nm
• Pulsing+ Mode
• Dimming+ Mode
• Color LCD Panel
• Modular Design
• Optional Accessories (wheel stand and vertical stand).

Whats Included

• 1 x Remote Control
• 2 x Connecting Cables
• 1 x Height Adjusting Pulley
• 2 x Threaded Screws
• 1 x Door Hook
• 1 x Signal Cable
• 1 x Protective Glasses
• 1 x Power Cable (We'll automatically ship an international power cable based on shipping address)
• Detailed User Manual

Please note that the PROMAX 300 comes with its own built in stand, therefore door hanging accessories are not needed with this unit.


All ClinicRed devices are FDA-Listed Class-II medical devices.


Free Worldwide shipping via Express Carriers.

60 Day Trial Period

60 Day Trial Period. No hassle returns. No hidden restocking fees.


Warranty coverage up to 3 years, but our lights are built to last forever.


Our friendly experts are available 24/7 to help you with your questions.


Most Advanced Multi-Wavelength Spectral Technology, Pulsing and Dimming.


Experience the healing power of CLINICRED PROMAX with easy to use advanced technology.

Multi-Wave Spectral Technology

Latest multi-wave technology incorporating the 5x most healing wavelengths.

630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm and 850nm

Dimming and Pulse Modes

Boost performance & Recovery with Pulse+ Mode.
Dimming+ Mode is designed to support relaxation and enhance sleep.

Fully Adjustable

High Power Output

Advanced technology delivers industry leading power. Higher irradiance = Better Results in Less Time. 

High Power leading to reduced session duration.

Color LCD

 Tailor your treatment with an easy-to-use Color LCD and Remote.

Full Control over your Red+ and NIR+ Sessions


LED Power Class

Dimensions (cm)

Power Consumption

Irradiance at 6 Inches (mW/cm2)


Focusing Lens Beam Angle




EMF Emission

Best For



29 x 21 x 6.5

Amps @110v: 0.98A
Amps @220v: 0.49A


60 x 5W

30 Degree

2.4 Kg

3 Years

100,000 hrs

0.0 µT @ 4”

Targeted Treatment




48 x 30 x 6.5

Amps @110v: 2.69A
Amps @220v: 1.34A


150 x 5W

30 Degree

5.7 Kg

3 Years

100,000 hrs

0.0 µT @ 4”

Half Body Treatment




92 x 30 x 6.5

Amps @110v: 5.85A
Amps @220v: 2.92A


300 x 5W

30 Degree

10.5 Kg

3 Years

100,000 hrs

0.0 µT @ 4”

Full Body Treatment



Experience the ultimate mobility inside your home or clinic with the PROMAX wheel or vertical stand

ClinicRed Floor Stand

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ClinicRed Vertical Stand

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Leading Red Light Therapy! 

0% Ingredients! That's 100% Natural To You .

Inflammation Support
Performance and Recovery
Pain Relief
Skin Health
Improved Blood Flow
Sleep Optimization

Inflammation Support

Red and infrared light stimulates cellular energy. As red and infrared rays are absorbed by the mitochondria, this stimulates the production of energy in cells [5]. Increased cellular energy leads to healthier cells and better cellular performance, which reduces inflammation and better regulates cellular reproduction.

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Performance and Recovery

There has been an increased use of mixed red and infrared wavelengths recently to take advantage of 'the best of both worlds'. Treatment with red and infrared wavelengths at the same time seem to offer advantages based on the absorption of the components within the mitochondria that absorb the light This results in even more synthesis of ATP than either red or infrared used alone

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Pain Relief

Studies have shown that infrared light decreases pain, inflammation, and oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when there is more oxidation in the body than there is antioxidants. Oxidation occurs from both external events and internal events – it can't be avoided but it can be balanced out. Infrared technology is one way this can be achieved. Studies have also shown that this type of light can improve the blood flow within the small blood vessels and promote angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels. By increasing blood flow to the affected joints the body is able to get the nutrients and cells to the area to allow the tissues to heal.

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Skin Health

If sunlight is a cause of wrinkles, why does red light and infrared light help to reduce them?

Red light therapy is part of a skin health regimen that promotes supple, rejuvenated skin across the body. This article is about skin health and the importance of light for skin cells.

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Improved Blood Flow

The fact that infrared light can penetrate deep into skin tissue injury allows non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive treatment to be carried out to encourage the healing processes. It is especially effective when conventional therapies have failed or there have been difficult side effects.

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Sleep Optimization

Unlike blue light, red light doesn’t act as a stimulant. Its low colour temperature has a soothing effect on the body. Using red light at night or in the evenings can help the transition into a sleep cycle more naturally. Since this technology has been shown to aid in relaxation, it can help relax the body and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

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The future is here! Tailor your sessions with an easy-to-control COLOURED LCD Panel. Individually dim the LED light output to your comfort or use the Pulse mode for recovery sessions, and set your session duration with the built-in timer with complete customization.
Set your session time, hit OK and sit back & relax!
Use Red (630nm / 660nm) alone, Near Infrared (810nm/ 830nm / 850nm) alone, or both at the same time!
Connect together on the back of the door or on our PROMAX Mobile Stand!


Boost Performance and Recovery with fully adjustable Pulsing+ Mode.
Take your recovery to the next level with pulse mode.
Fully adjustable from 0 - 9999 Hertz.
Support for both RED+ and NIR+ Pulse.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email our friendly team at support@clinicred.com

Which device should I buy?

The difference between the models is strictly size, output strength and coverage area. The model of device or setup you choose is entirely up to you, your budget and your desired performance level. For a detailed comparison please check the "compare products" section above on this page.

Do you ship orders internationally?

YES! We offer FREE SHIPPING TO ALL COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE using only fully insured global carriers such as UPS/FedEx/DHL/TNT/etc. All devices work on all global electrical systems as they automatically adapt. All devices always ship with the correct cord/plug type for the destination country.

What is your return policy?

We are so sure you will love your PROMAX that we offer a no questions asked full refund within the first 60 days. ClinicRed does not charge any restocking fees.

What are the EMF levels?

In short, all electrical devices that use electricity to operate will indeed generate some type of EMF as a by product of electrical consumption. However, thanks to the advanced shielded components used in all of our devices, PROMAX devices have ZERO detectable EMF emissions at the minimum usage distance of 4"-6".

Do I need to buy a stand?

ClinicRed PROMAX 300 comes with its own built in stand. ClinicRed PROMAX 750 and 1500 come with easy door hanging accessories. However if hanging the device on your door is not your preference, then you have the option to explore the wheel stand or the vertical stand.

When will my order ship?

All ClinicRed PROMAX orders shall start shipping during the week of 21st November 2022. We processes orders between Monday and Friday. This includes order verification, tailoring, quality check and packaging. Orders will be processed within 2-3 business days from the order date and then shipped the next day after the processing day.

You shall receive an email from us with the tracking number as soon as your order is shipped.

Once shipped, most of our deliveries happen within 5-7 business days, depending on where you are located. We encourage you to provide your phone number at the checkout page so that our shipping carriers can reach out to you to coordinate the delivery, if needed.

Are the NIR LEDs not working?

Near Infrared (800-900nm) is just beyond the visible spectrum (400nm-700nm) - hence it is invisible to the naked eye. You will actually only be able to see a small pink dot or perhaps a very subtle pinkish hue emanating from the NIR LEDs when they are 'on'. Please rest assured that there is a significant amount of light energy emanating from those LEDs and your PROMAX device is in fact working exactly as designed.

Do I need to put on protective glasses?

While there is a growing body of scientific research suggesting that modest amounts of red and NIR LED light may benefit certain eye conditions, ClinicRed's PROMAX series devices are very bright! As such, protective glasses are provided and should be worn when facing the lights, particularly when NIR is active.

What is the optimal session duration?

For optimal cellular benefit, including deep tissue treatment, we recommend 10-20 minute sessions for each desired treatment area at a distance of approximately 6”-12” inches from the device with a max of two to three treatment areas per day . Time and distance will vary depending on the individual’s response to the therapy.

Which stand should I buy?

If you simply want to use one device (PROMAX 750 or PROMAX 1500) then our wheel stand is perfect for your needs. However if you wish to stack multiple PROMAX devices to be able to get more power, then we highly recommend looking at our Vertical Stand.


Our mobile floor stand holds any single PROMAX 750 and PROMAX 1500 device in a perfectly upright position.Simply slide your device into the stand for the perfect fit. Enjoy your device in a whole new way; Sit or lie on the floor, on a chair or couch, or place on a table or stand.