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Clinic Red™ is the best in personal red light therapy with a powerful LED light to help you see results

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Natural Healing For a Happy, Healthy You

We call bullshit. Your way to natural healing can’t be found in a bottle of pain pills or expensive skin treatment creams. Red light therapy is the most natural and safest way to shake an ache and clear up skin. Period. With Clinic Red red light therapy, health is now homemade. We help people live their best life, looking and feeling their best. We make it easy for people to begin their journey towards better health. And it all starts at the comfort of their home.

The secret to reclaiming your pain-free life.

The secret to reclaiming your pain-free life

Health is now Homemade

Age better, feel better, move better. With red light therapy, your overall health feels just that… better. Feel better with skin that’s clear. A body that can move. Sleep that makes you well-rested. Muscles that recover - that much faster. And pain that goes… poof. No pills, ingredients, treatments or creams needed. Just red light therapy that’s safe and 100% natural.

Ingredients: 0. That’s 100% Natural to You

Healthy light makes for a happy, healthy you. Our red light therapy devices emit red and near-infrared light that’s naturally emitted by the sun. Red light heals you inside out. With (660nm), red light heals and rejuvenates skin while near-infrared light (850nm) heals your muscles, tissues and body. Together, red light and near-infrared light work to heal and rejuvenate skin, reduce pain and inflammation, and speed up recovery. Feel good knowing it’s the most natural and safe way to look and feel your best.