Infrared and red light technology has recently gained a heap of popularity for improving skin health and conditions as an at-home treatment. This technology has also gained popularity with dermatology and cosmetology. It can now be found in many medical practices, beauty therapists and cosmetologist's clinic rooms.

Dermatology and cosmetology is usually associated with chemical peels, injections, topical treatment and other treatments for the skin. Lasers, cryotherapy and ultrasound therapy are other therapies that are relatively new to the field. It is ever changing! Growing in popularity is another kind of treatment: light therapy, a non-invasive and effective way to assist a variety of skin conditions with the healing power of light.


That frustrating condition that affects most teenagers at one point or anything. It can be as simple as a few spots or are complicated as painful cysts that form under the skin and leave long lasting scars. For some very lucky people, they get to carry this condition through to adulthood and then it's pimples combined with wrinkles! It's hard to find an effective treatment that will work on both of these skin characteristics but one that works so effectively is light therapy.

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